I have worked hard to put new music on my website in a different style from the singing one's . I have done some Instrumental albums which I am pleased about.

I have made up some videoes to give them some life to the song potraying

This is just one of my videoes that I made up all these songs are on albums on my site

You can contact me through my site at or email me if you would like some info about my music

I am not a performer or singer I wish I was but it was not in the cards for me so I started 6 years ago with just a few songs I made up on paper so I kept on writing until one day I wonder what if I put some music too them so I did with the help of other artist

So six years down the road I have 7 albums on my site some lyric and some Instrumental so I got all this music what do I do with it So after long searches I found a few sites that I can promote my music to and I found a promoter that I work with in the music industry so with a little luck on of my song may make it on television or a movie some day that is my goal right know anyway

Also sell to the public as well I just sell my album under ten dollars per album

not too expencive here are a few of my album I have done

This is just a few of the one I have done and are on sale on my website. There will be more soon I am working on a album its called Night Dreams its my fourth Instrumental album I have done its almost done and when it is it will be on my site for sale.

Anyway that's about all the news from me for know I will update the website soon

Thanks for listen to my music

David Ganson's Productions.

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