Updated: May 28

Started a new album called dark place in time its a mix of singing and instrumental songs. I don't sing or perform unfortunately I don't have so I make up in songs in my head and put to words.

All my songs are about different subjects some about a certain subject some fantasy all are about something in my life that interest me

New albums are coming out soon and they will be on here to let everyone hear what's in my thoughts.

I also send my music to a publisher trying to see if I can get one or two published let me tell you this is a big challenge come close a few times but no cigar yet always hoping something comes along

I will keep this page updated once in a while to let you know what is happening with my music.

All songs and albums on this website are for sale

if you have any questions for me you can contact me at this is my personal email for my web and business.

I have new albums in the works Instrumental I am trying a new style of music to see if I can attract costumers to my website

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