This is being in the works for a while giving you an insight to my albums and why I wrote them it has been three years almost four .
Writing these songs that you see  here, It started when my wife passed away when my world did not mean anything  a  few other problems got in the way as well
it took me a while to get my head straight and figure out my life's dream that is when I too write and get my feelings and thought's out on paper so that's when  I wrote my first project my first  album. Confused this was an album of different things in my life and subjects  that really mattered the Sad thing is that I Could not perform in them
I did not have the talent to be able to go that route
So I  just stuck to writing which lead me too accomplish 6 album too date
I send them out to different places for review hoping someone will like or buy my music even a publisher has my music so hear is that someday my luck will come   
Maybe ..

All my albums are like Confused I look at the world and see something that is not right and I will write about it even though nothing will be done. On my Sleep album  I took another approach in making this an instrumental were I can experiment with new ideas in my work were lyrics you have too think how the words fit
That's it for my  info really I am trying new ways of expression through my work and my music and thanks too excellent talent  in the music world I have hired good artists too put music to my words   

Thanks for visiting my web 
David  Ganson 



I will be putting out more instrumental albums on here soon next one will be 
Its coming along all are instrumental songs ececpt Acient Aliens its a talking stylre with background music 

I will be putting up singlers of my songs from this album if people just want a paticular song they like they can buy it here online I have done that with all my albums if someone just likes one song... 


If anybody would like a Pysical Album
Please email me at   Give me your info and I will send you the album or albums snail mail.